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Wound Care

Saving travel to-and-fro hospitals and receiving wound care from experienced nurse comfortably at home.


Hire a professional nurse from Remeds Pro team who can attend to your family member to deliver the best wound care and promote wound healing.   

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How We Can Help You With

Wound care penang_Remeds Homecare
Wound Care Penang_ Remeds Homecare.png

We Speed Up Your
Wound Recovery!

Faster wound recovery with the joint effort of our wound care team made up of Nurses and Registered Pharmacists! 

We GO BEYOND basic wound care by introducing the right nutrition to speed up tissue growth and the wound-healing process!

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Wound Care Specialist Remeds Homecare

Client's Testimonial 

Testimonial of Bedsore Wound Healing in 30 days after Wound Care Treatment_Remeds Homecare

Bedsore healing in 30 days under Remeds Wound Care Treatment

Servis Cuci Luka _home wound care treatment penang_Remeds Homecare.png

Bedsore improving in 5 days under Remeds Wound Care Treatment

Client Testimonial_Servis Cuci Luka Remeds Homecare
Client Testimonial_Servis Cu

How do we achieve that?  

Our wound care nurses are highly experienced and experts in personalized wound assessment and management. We take great care towards tissue health in the wound bed, wound edge, and the peri-wound skin by optimizing moisture balance, removing devitalized tissue, biofilm, and debris, and preventing further infection.


Furthermore, our professional team consisting of nurses and pharmacists goes beyond the wound by introducing the right nutrition to speed up tissue growth and the wound healing process!

Sign up for Remeds Pro Wound Care Package and our Nurse will work with you to assist with the appropriate management of wounds and facilitate wound healing.

Home nurse Remeds Homecare
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Types of Wound We're Expert in Managing

Bedsores / Pressure ulcers

Diabetic ulcers

Surgical wounds

Burn wounds

Arterial/ Venous ulcers

And other chronic non-healing wounds

Starts from

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remeds home wound care package.jpg

Your loved ones deserved the best. Talk with our clinical coordinator today to find our how we design the best suit care package for you.

*The charge might differ based on wound complexity, ranging from RM60 - RM 120 / session.
*Basic wound care ingredients are included, other advanced dressing, film coating, products will be charged accordingly. 

Client's Testimonial 

Client Testimonial_Wound Care Service Remeds Homecare
Client Testimonial_Wound Care Service Remeds Homecare
Client Testimonial_Wound Care Service Remeds Homecare

How to Book Your Home Wound Care Service for the First Time?  

Get your booking confirmed in just 3 EASY Steps! 
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We're just One Call Away ! 

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Frequent Ask Question

  • What can I expect from Remeds for the 10 sessions of home visit?

    • Upon subscribing the program, our Clinical Coordinator will keep close contact with you for following up your loved ones cases. We will follow up with your loved ones condition closely and will recommend the next best action to take accordingly.

    • You can expect atleast 1 assessment visit from doctors, multiple visits from nurses for cleaning and examine the wound, and atleast 1 online consultation with Dietitian to ensure that the patient's diet is providing sufficient vitamins and protein for the recovery.

  • How do I subscribe for the services?

    • Step 1 : Contact our Clinical Coordinator via our chat or visit our Partners facilities to initiate the process.

    • Step 2: Upon understanding on your case, our Clinical Coordinator will individualized your treatment plan and arrange respective needed professionals to attend to your case.

    • Step 3: Remeds Pro will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time for the visit/consultation at your most convenient.

  • Who will decide which staff will be attending for the procedure to my family members?​

    • As we will need to decide the next step of treatment by progression of the wound, Remeds Clinical Coordinator will follow up with your loved ones condition closely and will recommend the next best action to take accordingly.​

  • What should I expect before Healthcare Professional visiting?

    • Upon confirming the assigned Healthcare Professional, he/she will contact you to confirm the time of visit, address, details of visiting like who to greet, how to enter the compound (if you are staying in high rise properties or guarded communities) and etc.

    •  Please secure your pets if there are any in the your home.

    • Healthcare Professional will visit you with basic equipment/supplies that is necessary for the services only, please let us know if you need our help to purchase and bring over any special request products or supplies. 

    • Upon arriving at your home, attending Healthcare Professional will explain to you the procedure/activities that he/she will be performing. Please sign the Consent Form provided only if you had all your questions answered to your satisfaction. 

    • After the procedure and Healthcare Professional leaving, you may leave your comments or rating via our hotline at 010-882 3994 or our chat to leave your comments.

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