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When unfortunate events strikes, we are always in the stage of confused. Even when our loved ones is in the stage of recovering, being discharged from the hospital can brings a lot of pressure to the family.

Coming from non-medical background, most of the time we are uncertain of what to do and don'ts, and we face difficulties in finding suitable healthcare professionals to provide care that is appropriate to the patients..

And sometimes, families are barred from medical equipment due to the expensive price tags that they carry. All these scenarios results in lower quality of care and environment provided to the recovering family member.


Our Story

"A good quality home care should be both accessible and affordable", this concept had driven co-founder of Remeds, Tan Chan Wei, a pharmacist to setting up Remeds.


Throughout the years of serving in community pharmacy, he met families that faced unresolved wound case due to inappropriate handling, caregivers who are injured themselves after long term taking care of the patients and many others.

With Remeds Homecare, let us help to deliver the best suitable care for your loved on to your door steps. 

Remeds Co-Founder

Our Mission

In Remeds, we are committed to provide accessible and affordable, high quality healthcare to our clients doorstep.

Meet Our Team

Our Remeds Pro team is made up of healthcare professionals from different backgrounds. We are lucky to have responsible individuals who are competent, trustworth, kind and responsible, whom you can welcome into your home and count on with confidence.

Our Partners

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