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ROBOHAND Soft Robotic Glove for Stroke Rehabilitation at Home

What is soft robotic glove? Soft robotic glove is new technology developed for post-stroke hand rehabilitation. Proven by study findings, rehabilitation with wearable soft robotic glove can help post-stroke patients improve the functionality of their hands and manual dexterity. [1,2]

The improvement in manual dexterity of stroke patients is most significant when rehabilitation with soft robotic glove use exceeding 30 min per session, and its effectiveness is shown even in stroke that occurred more than six months ago. [1]

Why Do Stroke Survivors Need Soft Robotic Glove for Hand Rehabilitation?

Hand exercise can be difficult when your hand is paralyzed, severely weakened or swollen, or tightened with spasticity after a stroke episode.

Soft robotic glove, ROBOHAND can perform 3 types of trainings as described below to enhance hand functionality of stroke patient in stroke recovery:

  1. Passive Fingers Training - with Robohand, finger training in terms of stretching, grasping, and gripping of fingers can be executed by the patient independently at home. Daily rehabilitation with Robohand can help to increase grip strength, finger flexion, and extension and reduce pain and muscle spasticity in the hand.

  2. Robotic Mirror Therapy - with the sensor technology of Robohand sensor glove, the one-sided stroke (hemiplegia) patient can use the mirroring function for the affected side of the hand to mimic the natural grip and release movement in real-time of the healthy hand. This is useful in daily tasks, such as gripping a glass of water or transferring objects. Mirror therapy helps to stimulate brain neuroplasticity by activating the sensorimotor cortex and re-wiring the brain to relearn the motor function. In the long run, it trains the post-stroke patient to regain functional independence in activities of daily living.

3. Air Compression Massage Therapy - for Hands & Legs Lymphedema is the medical condition where swollen arms or legs occur when lymphatic fluid accumulates in the damaged tissue as a result of impaired lymph flow after stroke. One-sided weakness is the most frequent cause of swollen arms or legs in stroke due to immobility. Other than swollen limbs, 1 in 4 stroke survivors have recurrent stroke, according to American Stroke Association. Recurrent stroke or second stroke is more life -threatening and could happen due to blockage in blood vessels.

Air compression massage therapy is designed to solve and prevent the above concerns. It helps:

  • To relieve the stiff muscle.

  • To improve blood circulation & prevent blood clots forming (DVT/ secondary stroke prevention) .

  • To reduce oedema/ lymphedema (swollen limbs).

Air compression massage glove for hand helps to relieve spascity of hand
ROBOHAND Air Compression Massager Hand Glove helps to relieve muscle spasticity of hand

 Air Compression Massage for legs helps to reduce swellings (edema) in legs and improve blood circulation
Air Compression Massage for legs helps to reduce swellings (edema) in legs and improve blood circulation

What makes air compression massage therapy of Robohand stands out is the massage applies simultaneously both top & bottom (dorsal & palmar) instead of normal massage focusing one-sidedly.

Who can use ROBOHAND for hand rehabilitation?

ROBOHAND is suitable for:

  • Stroke/Hemiplegia patients

  • Brain/Cerebral Hemorrhage patients

  • Cerebral Palsy patients

  • Patients with Peripheral Nerve Injury

  • Elderly

What is unique about ROBOHAND?

With Intelligent Touch Technology, Robohand is user-friendly for all ages, including elderly.

Other than this, it has brilliant features as below:

  • Customized fingers training mode - single/multiple fingers training mode which enables focused intensive training to certain fingers.

  • Multi-function in one machine

  • Lightweight and Portable, with Type C charging

How to get ROBOHAND therapy at zero cost?

ROBOHAND therapy is now offered for Remeds home physiotherapy patients with no additional surcharge! Patients can get ROBOHAND treatment for FREE if the patient's condition is deemed suitable after evaluation by our lead physiotherapist during the first session of home physiotherapy treatment.* *This is only applicable to Remeds home physiotherapy in certain areas in Penang Mainland & Island at the moment.


Not sure is Robohand suitable for stroke rehabilitation of your loved one? Whatsapp us to Get Free Online Consultation and 1 Trial Robohand Therapy with our physiotherapist today.

Article by: Pharmacist Khang Phing Goh

Citation: 1. Ko, M. Y., Chuang, Y. C., Ou-Yang, L. J., Cheng, Y. Y., Tsai, Y. L., & Lee, Y. C. (2023, June 2). The Application of Soft Robotic Gloves in Stroke Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. Brain Sciences; Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute.

2. Thimabut, W., Terachinda, P., & Kitisomprayoonkul, W. (2022, April 25). Effectiveness of a Soft Robotic Glove to Assist Hand Function in Stroke Patients: A Cross-Sectional Pilot Study. Rehabilitation Research and Practice; Hindawi Publishing Corporation.

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