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Penang Medical Escort Service - Accompany Seniors to Medical Appointment | Remeds Home Care Support

Did you know that the medical escort service is available in Malaysia?

What is an escort service?

An escort service provider serves as a patient's "temporary family member." We assist families in transporting and accompanying their loved one to medical institutions for appointments, follow-ups, rehabilitation etc.

Here, I would like to share about my medical escort experience.

From my perspective, the medical escort service begins from the moment we receive a request from a family member. Through the conversation, we would learn about the patient's medical history, current state of health, the reason for hospital visit, and whether a wheelchair is required.

Next, after knowing which healthcare facility we are visiting, we then plan the route to ensure things go smoothly on the actual medical escort day.

Upon request, we also assist patients in scheduling appointments and offer recommendations on doctors to consult according to their areas of expertise.

Trained caregiver transferring elderly patient from car seat to sit on wheelchair at hospital entrance
Upon arrival at the hospital, our trained caregiver helped to transfer elderly onto the wheelchair.

On the actual escort day, we pick up the patient from their home on time. We assist with registration upon arrival at the hospital, and accompany them throughout the entire visit.

As majority of the patients we serve are senior citizens who may find it challenging to communicate with their doctors owing to language barrier, this is where we step in as their “temporary family member” to communicate effectively with the doctor.

After consultation, we assist in the line-up for medication pickup and send patient back to their home safely.

Our obligation doesn't end here. We give a detailed post-service report to the family in order to accurately relay the doctor's instructions and update any changes in the prescription.

Why is this service emerging?

There is a soaring demand for escorting elderly patients to medical appointments in our nation. Children are unable to accompany their elderly loved ones to the hospital due to hectic work schedules and living far away from their parents.

It's challenging for the elderly to get to their medical appointment by themselves as they could easily get lost in the maze of hospital layouts, and get confused by the tedious procedures.

It’s even an impossible mission for the elderly with mobility constraints.

Besides the elderly population, we also encountered some young patients on their own in wheelchairs and some foreign patients seeking for medical escort services.

Other than medical escort, we also receive special requests from children to bring their home-alone parents for groceries, coffee, park strolling, or mall shopping.

Here I list out the Top 5 skills that I think is vital for an escort service provider:

1. The ability to move patients from wheelchair to another, as most clients are confined to wheelchairs.

2. Organizational ability: An escort service provider is somewhat similar to a scheduler of medical appointments.

3. Medical expertise and background would be advantageous for efficient doctor-patient communication.

4. The ability to carry on meaningful conversations with patients will aid to alleviate their boredom and anxiety while also helping to better grasp their present state of health.

5. Showing concern and compassion for the patient: An escort kit equipped with a blanket, bread, drink, and first aid supplies in case the patient becomes cold or hungry or thirsty.

Queue up in pharmacy department in hospital for picking up medication on behalf of patient _medical escort service
Last station of escort service: Queuing for medication pick-up on behalf of patient

Escorting a patient is like making a new acquaintance and getting to know a little bit about their life story. Behind their narrative, we observe a sense of helplessness. But the happiness is that at least they got their medical care today.

Where in Malaysia can I find an escort service?

Although it is still uncommon in Malaysia, it is available in Taiping and Penang.

Get in touch with us now to ensure that your parent can attend their appointment with peace of mind!

Contact us: 010-882 3994 WhatsApp:

Article By: Pharmacist Khang Phing Goh

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תגובה אחת

28 במרץ

Awesome! As someone who without any offspring, I feel very comfortable with my old age when I read this.

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