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Understanding the Mechanism of Ripple Mattresses : Preventing Bed Pressure Ulcer for Immobile Patients

For immobile or bedridden patients, the risk of developing pressure ulcers is a significant concern. This painful and debilitating wound can greatly affect the patient's quality of life and prolong their recovery process. Fortunately, ripple mattresses(or sometimes known as alternating-pressure mattresses) offer a promising solution by redistributing pressure and promoting better circulation, thereby reducing the risk of pressure ulcers.

What is Ripple Mattress?

A ripple mattress serves as an overlay placed atop a normal mattress. It often appears in 2 common shapes —diamond and tubular. —the ripple mattress houses air-filled cells designed to enhance patient comfort and safety.

These cells operate in together with an air pump motor, engineered for continuous operation over 24 hours. There are a minimum of 2 air channels, inflating and deflating at a rhythmic pattern to alleviate the pressure points. We can also adjust pressure settings, firmness levels, and inflation patterns to optimize patient comfort and pressure ulcer prevention.

How does it Works?

Mechanism of a ripple mattress
Ripple Mattress Alternate Pressure

Unlike traditional mattresses that exert concentrated pressure on specific body regions, ripple mattresses employ dynamic air cells to disperse pressure across a broader surface area. This continual weight-shifting mechanism minimizes pressure on vulnerable skin areas, mitigating the risk of tissue damage and subsequent pressure ulcer formation.

Besides, through their alternating inflation and deflation cycles, ripple mattresses generate a gentle rocking motion, fostering airflow between the patient's skin and the mattress surface.

How air passage through the ripple mattress

In shorts, ripple mattresses stand as an indispensable tool in safeguarding immobile patients from the debilitating effects of bed pressure ulcers. By redistributing pressure, promoting air circulation, and offering customizable support to uphold skin integrity, enhance patient comfort, and foster optimal recovery outcomes in immobile patient populations.

Article By: Pharmacist Tan Chan Wei 


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