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5 Important Reasons You Should Arrange Physiotherapy Session after Operation | Remeds Home Physio

Have you or your loved one recently had a hip replaced, had a mild stroke or a recent heart surgical procedure? Do you know that with suitable physical therapy can hasten the recovery post operation?

Hereby are 5 reasons that you should arrange a physiotherapy session:

  1. Improve flexibility

Inevitably after any surgery or procedure, we wish to recover from it and living the same as before.

However, long time inactivity after surgery that due to pain can lead to weakened muscles that can easily become stiff and later on normal activities like wearing a shirt, getting up from the bed starts becoming an “issue”.

Gentle stretching exercises are important to keep vulnerable muscles active.

2. Better Mobility, Balance and Strength

3. Reducing Pain and Swelling

4. Preventing Scar

5. Reducing "Further Issue"

It can take six to eight weeks for our body tissue to heal after a surgery or procedure. It is a longer way for the muscles to exercise in returning to normal lifestyle and activity levels after surgery.

Article by: Pharmacist Tan Chan Wei

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