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Bedsore Wound Improving in 5 days with the Right Care! - Real-Life Case Sharing by Remeds Homecare

Recently, we received an urgent wound care request from our client, who is also a registered nurse herself, for her dad suffered from bedsore. She wasn't able to take care of her dad's wound as she was away from her hometown.

Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, are a common problem for individuals who are bedridden or have limited mobility. These wounds occur when pressure is applied to the skin for an extended period, which causes the tissue to become damaged and eventually die. If left untreated, bedsores can lead to serious complications, including infection, sepsis, and even death.

Fortunately, with proper wound care, it is possible to treat bedsores and promote healing. One of the key steps in treating bedsores is removing the slough, or dead tissue, from the wound.

It was a challenging wound when we took over the case, with a significant amount of yellowish slough (dead tissue) present in his bedsore wound. If left untreated, this slough could have prolonged inflammation and slowed the recovery process as it will prevent healthy tissue from growing.

Bedsore wound with slough
The wound is presented with significant amount of yellowish slough (dead tissue) which must be removed to ensure wound recovery of bedsore

Many patients and family members might have wrong perception about the slough of bedsore, thinking that they are just the normal “pus” and believe the wound will heal on their own as if in a normal wound. They might not know if bedsore is left untreated, will be more difficult to recover and cost more in medical expenses when it becomes more serious.

During our daily wound care service, our nurse performed wound debridement to remove the slough. Once the slough has been removed, the wound can begin to heal. Our team then use a variety of techniques to promote tissue growth, including the use of specialized dressings which stimulate growth of new tissue and nutritional support recommended by our pharmacist to help speeding up wound recovery.

Bedsore wound recovering with new tissue growth seen
The wound appeared clean, pinkish and recovering with new tissue growth seen

After just five days, the patient's bedsores had significantly improved, appeared clean and pinkish with new tissue growth (granulation) seen.

We're honoured that our client who is also a nurse herself choose to put faith in our team for wound care for her elderly loved one. And we didn't fail her. - By Pharmacist Tan

Home Wound Care Treatment_Remeds Homecare
Wound healing_Home Wound Care Treatment_Remeds Homecare

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