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How to Choose The Best Mattress for Your Bedridden Loved One At Home?

Choosing the right mattress can help to prevent bedsores, which is of the utmost importance for bedridden patients. Which types of mattress is the best for bedridden patients and to prevent bedsores?

Why is a traditional innerspring mattress not suitable for bed-bound patient?

Generally, innerspring mattress do not have good support and pressure relief, which can easily cause pressure sores or spinal injury in the long run.

In addition, for those families who are using hospital bed to facilitate care of bed-bound patients at home, the thick, non-flexible innerspring mattress is definitely not compatible with the angle-adjustable function of a hospital bed.

So, what are the types of mattresses available for bedridden patients and which is the best for prevention of bedsore?

1. Waterproof foam mattress

Medical grade waterproof foam mattress
Medical grade waterproof foam mattress

The multi-layered, high density foam mattress provides optimal pressure redistribution, and it's most commonly used for bed-bound patients. It is also resilient and long-lasting as it won't sag over time. Its tri-fold design is specially designed for angle-adjustable function of a hospital bed. As it is foldable, it is also space-saving for storage.

Made of PU polyurethane medical grade cover, it is waterproof and you can just wipe it off with a cloth. If you want to further disassemble and wash, it is possible with its zipper design. Price about RM 300 +

2. Memory foam mattress

Medical Grade Memory Foam Mattress

What is special about memory foam mattress is it conforms to the contours of the patient's body in response to body heat, 100% fitting the natural curves of the body and giving the body the most even support.

Thus, it provides great pressure relief to the contact points such as such as hips, shoulders, feet.

Memory foam mattress supports any sleeping position and effectively cushions the body pressure.

3. Ripple Mattress Bedsores or pressure sores is the necrotic ulcerations of skin tissue due to lack of blood circulation and continued pressure, caused by lying in a same position for a long time.

Hence, for patients who are completely unable to turn on their own, such as stroke patients, post-operative patients or paralyzed patients, a ripple mattress is necessary to prevent long-term pressurization of skin.

How does ripple mattress work to effectively reduce risk of bedsore? The alternate fluctuating air cells in ripple mattress helps to switch between areas of the body under pressure, avoiding continued pressure on one side of the body, thus helps to prevent skin ulceration.

There are three types of ripple mattresses available:

1) Bubble Ripple Mattress

2)Tubular Ripple Mattress

3) Hybrid Ripple Mattress

Bubble Ripple Mattress

Bubble ripple mattress for low risk or Grade I Bedsore patient
Bubble ripple mattress for low risk or Grade I Bedsore patient

  • Air cells about 2.5”height, alternately inflatable.

  • Weight capacity < 100 kg

  • Suitable for bedridden patients with low risk of bedsores, or with stage I bedsores.

  • Good water resistance

  • Price about RM200+

Tubular Ripple Mattress

Tubular Ripple Mattress for Grade I - IV Bedsore Patient
Tubular Ripple Mattress for Grade I - IV Bedsore Patient

  • Air cells about 5”height, relatively better pressure-relieving effect.

  • Weight capacity < 135 kg

  • Suitable for stage I to IV bedsores, preventing their formation and deterioration.

  • The parallel (horizontal) tubular air cells is more comfortable to sleep onto, without experiencing nausea due to motion sickness.

  • Made up of individual replaceable inflatable tubular air cells which can be easily replaced to extend the life of the airbed, if any of them is broken and leaking.

  • Waterproof

  • Price around RM500-600

Hybrid Ripple Mattress

Hybrid Ripple Mattress - 2-in-1 combination of foam mattress and air cells for optimal comfort and pressure sore prevention
Hybrid Ripple Mattress - 2-in-1 combination of foam mattress and air cells for optimal comfort and pressure sore prevention

  • The new technology combines foam and air cells into one mattress to provide optimal pressure relief.

  • With the foam layer dulling the vibration of the pump, and air cells hidden underneath, it does not fluctuate as much as traditional alternating pressure ripple mattress, which greatly improves the sleep quality.

  • Dynamic (with motor device/powered) and static (without motor device/non-powered) hybrid support systems.

  • Weight capacity < 250 kg

  • Suitable for patients with all levels of severity of bedsores, and for patients who are very weak or have trouble sleeping/feel uncomfortable on a traditional alternating pressure ripple mattress.

How to choose the right ripple mattress? 2 important considerations as below:

1) Weight of bedridden person

If the patient weighs more than 100kg and a relatively thin bubble ripple mattress is used, effectiveness to prevent bedsores will be greatly reduced.

2) Severity of bedsore

If blisters and ulcers are present in the patient (Grade II – IV bedsore), it is recommended to use a tubular ripple mattress or a hybrid ripple mattress.

What about bed sheets?

100% cotton bed sheets or polycotton are the best option because they are soft, breathable and can absorb sweat. Cotton material is also long-lasting and tolerable under repeated washing and drying.

Mackintosh rubber sheet underpad - waterproof, washable & reusable
Mackintosh rubber sheet underpad - waterproof, washable & reusable

In addition, a waterproof rubber sheet underpad, namely Mackintosh Rubber Sheet should be prepared, and be placed under the patient's buttocks to avoid direct contamination of the sheet when the patient is incontinent. This type of rubber sheet is washable, dried indoors and can be used repeatedly.

If you find washing and drying the underpad is troublesome, you can opt for the disposable underpad. Article By: Pharmacist Khang Phing Goh

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